The Problem at Battle for So What?! 2017 – Dallas – Prophet Bar Sunday March 5th

The Problem is competing for a spot at the So What?!?! music festival

The Problem will be duking it out with other amazing local talent for one of two available spots at the So What music festival later in March.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We need a rowdy, loud crowd to help our music’s message resonate.  We will be competing against other great local bands including Vasha, The Idle Kind, Tiger Parade, Shortwavesroughseas, Golden Week, Bedside Manor, Ravenhill, Sidewalks and Alleyways, Cities South and Brooke Alley.  Can you make it?  Hit us up for tickets – we are delivering with free-while-they-last The Problem stickers!

The Problem competing at So What?! music festival Battle of the Bands 2017